Lawn Irrigation System No-Trench Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

Distinctive Irrigation offers a 100% Custom Irrigation System that comes complete with “Standards” that others quote as costly “Options”.   Distinctive Irrigation is a “NO TRENCH INSTALLATION COMPANY”  which means there will be no ruts, unsightly lines in the lawn, sink holes & other distortions due to a “TRENCHED” installation. Distinctive can guarantee very little or if not any damage to existing lawns.  Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE.

You’ll enjoy:

2 Year Standard Warranty
Upgraded Wireless Rain Sensor with 5 Year Warranty
Standard 12-inch Rotary Heads
Standard 12-inch Spray Heads
Standard Check Valves to Prevent Low Head Drainage
Fast & Efficient Service
Most Installations Require Just 1 Day