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Customer Comments:

Distinctive Irrigation is exceptional at what they do!
Unfortunately for me, at first I used another company to install my sprinkler system and they did a terrible job. The system left much to be desired...there were areas that got too much water and areas that didn't get enough water. The system wasn't dug in deep enough because the other company said it was hard to dig and they messed up my lawn big time. They were expensive and I definitely did not get my moneys worth.

I learned about Distinctive Irrigation and Keith from a neighbor who was very satisfied with how they installed his sprinkler system,,,the cost was fair; no lawn mess and it worked perfectly.
I called Keith and he was sympathic to my situation. He made the necessary corrections and additions to the faulty system and now it's working great. I would highly recommend Keith and his company to anyone looking to install a sprinkler system. If you want it done right the first Keith, you'll not only save money, you'll save yourself a ton of fustration too.
Moncks Corner, SC