Travertine Pool Deck Pavers Around Your Pool

Taking care of a pool can take a lot of time, but you can make it easier by choosing the best materials to start with. Most people concentrate on the size and shape of the pool itself thinking that will be where they derive their enjoyment but, in reality, the are around the pool is where you spend most of your time. Being around water on hot afternoon is great, but nobody wants to float around all day and end up looking like a prune.

You understand how many problems the surround of a pool can have if you own one. If it is constructed of bricks, then it gets hot on the feet, tends to be slippery when wet, and becomes paler after a few years in the sun. An excellent alternative is to install travertine pool pavers. For years travertine has been common in the Florida region as a great surface for the pool patio and it is currently beginning to become popular in other parts of the country. These pavers, which can also be obtained as tiles, are cut from a sedimentary rock that works well as a surface, as they are hard and have good grip for walking.

It is untrue to say that travertine is limestone even though that is how many people classify it. Due to the presence of many other minerals travertine is not considered a true limestone but it is a sedimentary rock. It was formed at the bottom of thermal pools as minerals are leached out as opposed to limestone which is made of the remains of sea creatures.

It takes more than ages to form travertine at the bottom of thermal pools. As the hot water flows through the ground, it collects nearby minerals and brings them to the surface. The minerals drop out and collect on the bottom as the water evaporates in the pools. This mixture of different minerals is what gives these pavers their different hues and patterns. Indeed, no two pavers will have the same colors and nuances which can make them look very attractive around the pool.

When buying tiles, you can opt for three surfaces which include the tumbled, honed and polished. Usually the tumbled surface is used around pools due to its texture which provides a nice footing even when wet. In addition, the natural cavities and air pockets let the water spread instead of remaining on the surface like concrete thus eliminating the sliding issue. Lately, people have been using these tiles inside the home too. A travertine bathroom looks great as it gives the impression of an ancient Roman bath. Travertine was very common during the days Rome ruled the known world, because the first quarry where the stone is named after, was found only 60 miles from the city.


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If you are going to be upgrading your pool then look into installing a travertine pool deck. You will enjoy the results for years to come. For more information visit us at Pool Deck Tiles.